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BOY CLUB 1988-2018- 30ème Anniversary édition- Cover Case for iPhone 7 / iPhone 8

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Clear TPU case is thin and lightweight for flexible durability.

Clear View design of your iPhone 7/ iPhone 8 to preserve the natural, naked look.


  • Ultra Thin: Keep the integrity of the style of your iPhone 7/ iPhone 8 without the bulky look of a case. Thin enough that your iPhone 7/ iPhone 8 fits in your back and front pockets of your jeans easily.
  • Perfect fit and buttons protection: This slim case fits your iPhone 7/ iPhone 8 perfectly while easy to install and take off. Protects your phone even with the volume and power button yet still easily pressed.
  • Soft TPU and matte surface: Soft material makes your iPhone 7/ iPhone 8 case easy to take off and on. The smooth texture makes the case feel like a baby skin.